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Steven Carter ©2001
Letters from Calpurnia, Pliny's Wife A.D. 110~113
A Novel by Judith Harrington
Available Winter 2006

Pliny the Younger to my Wife Calpurnia
"You can soothe my worry only by writing to me day and night...."
Plinius Epistolaris~Book VI, iv

Having come from Thessalonica and Derbe
... Secundus and Gaius ...
went ahead to await us in Troas.... Acts~XX, iv

Timotheo my partner and Lucius and Jason and Sosipater my Countrymen, send you salutation... Gaius, who has been ghosti to me and to the church sollus, sends you greetings... Romans~XVI, xxi, xxiii

Caecilius to Calpurnia
...You have written "My only comfort when you are away is to keep your books near at hand; I confess I sleep with your letters in your place next to me...."
I, too, read your letters over and over as though seeing you with each reading~which only rekindles my desire....Send me as many letters as you can, though your writing is painful in its delight....
Plinius Epistolaris~Book VI, vii